Beans, Brinjal, Cymbedium-Orchid

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Fresh fruits and vegetables is the healthiest food for any human being. The nutritional value and the benefits associated with them are vital to human well being and they cater to all the biological nutritional requirement of the human body. The vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates are available in plenty in the fruit and vegetables are highly preferred to maintain a healthy life style and remain disease free. Beans are one of the prime vegetable which is rich in carbohydrates, fibre, protein and folic acid. Beans are used in a wide variety of preparations in Indian and international cuisines and they are greatly helpful in maintaining a disease free body.

Beans are generally considered as an English vegetable as is largely used in the continental preparations, salads and soups. They are rich in fibre and also helps in elimination of the extra calories in the body. Beans is available at reasonable prices in the market and they are known for their therapeutic value in treating chronic diseases and they are rich in magnesium, phosphorous and potassium. Beans is a great source of energy to the body and is liked by all for its subtle taste and flavour. Brinjal is a colourful vegetable known for its taste, beauty and nutritional value.

The brinjal is rich in fibre and potassium, it is one of the vegetable which is most commonly used in India. Brinjal is appealing in terms of appearance and have various nutritional and therapeutic benefits and is helpful in treating internal injuries and helping in early healing of the wounds. They are low in calorie and have a unique taste and flavour. Brinjals are used in preparation of curries and sambhar and is a best accompaniment with rotis and rice varieties. The cymbidium orchid is one among the most beautiful flowers in the orchid family and is known for the vibrant colours and beauty of the flowers. They add beauty and provide a perfect ambience in the living spaces, gardens and parks. The cymbidium orchid is of great demand in the market to be placed as a source of decoration in the residential complexes and commercial places. They are bright pink in colour and is very eye catchy providing great beauty and serenity to the environment. The cymbidium orchid can be placed on the tables and in the living room to add splendour and a feel of an exotic environment.

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Beans, Brinjal, Cymbedium-Orchid

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This article was published on 2011/11/01