Organic Vegetable Gardens For Beginners

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Vegetable gardening can be a very rewarding. Not only will you enjoy your new hobby but the money you will save could be substantial. Also you will enjoy the quality time you gain from the outside activity and the stress relief.
Also the vegetables that you eat from your own garden are a lot better for you that what you would buy in the store. Of course you can buy organic vegetables but they usually cost more. And these days, with the prices of everything going up saving money is very important.

It is best when you plant your own vegetable garden to use organic gardening techniques. To some people the idea of starting an organic vegetable garden can be intimidating especially those that live in a city and have a limited space. But there is no need for this because there are techniques available today where a person could have a garden in as little as 50 sq ft.

Vegetable gardens are much easier to maintain than flower gardens because vegetables are hardier, especially in frequent weather changes. Flowers are usually more delicate and do not adapt well to weather changes. Typical vegetable gardens demand a lot of space, a lot of work and a lot of care. But we are not going to discuss a typical garden here, we are only going to discuss new techniques that save time, space and money. Techniques that use planters, beds, screen porches and other area where most people would not normally think of planting a vegetable garden.

A popular way of planting an organic vegetable garden these days is using beds Making the beds small enough in size so that you can reach across it comfortably is very important. This makes weeding and harvesting much easier. You can also raise the beds off the ground to be more convenient. This will also help to keep the heat inside the beds longer during cold weather and it also helps with drainage.

If your available space is more constrained you can grow organic vegetables and herbs in plant boxes. Some hanging baskets and other small containers can grow very well. Tomatoes and peppers are some of the best vegetables for these type of containers. Some vining vegetables do very well in tall narrow containers. Anything is possible, just use your imagination.

The next step preparing the soil is the most important aspect of planting an organic vegetable garden. It is even more important than the container, location and environment. The very best soil does not come from the ground or from the store. The very best soil is made. And it does not even matter if you going to do a raised bed or have a small plot of land. To make the perfect soil you need three things peat moss, vermiculite, and compost. The best mixture to use is one third peat moss, one third vermiculite and one third compost. Some people have adjusted the amounts of this recipe because of the expense and have turned out with an adequate soil mixture.

The most important thing here is to get started with whatever you have and whatever you can afford. You can always add the ingredients in later, as you will need to add more compost as it breaks down. The most important thing is to get started.

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Organic Vegetable Gardens For Beginners

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This article was published on 2010/03/28